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The PSGW.org website used to be the website for the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. It was the website for the camp from the early days of the internet right up to a Board of Directors coup in 2018 or so. The PSGW website was created, maintained, and cared for throughout by Peter Langston.

At the time of the coup, activist directors appear to have teamed up with one of the two people who actually ran the camp (known as "Coordinators") to oust the other Coordinator, and did so surprisingly with no stated reason. Some feel it was a case of nepotism, desiring to have the family of one of the Coordinators take over the camp. Others feel that it was a combination of ageism, sexism, and sexual preference-ism that led to the ouster of an older straight male; perhaps inspired by the "me, too" movement. I don't suppose we'll ever know the answer. We do know that one of the people who from day one of the camp had helped create the camp that we all knew and loved was lied to, manipulated, and then unceremoniously dumped. Unfortunately many other people who would have been sympathetic were also lied to, which resulted in a general cult-like shunning of the ousted Coordinator.



Now that the Coronavirus Pandemic has shut down events like the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop it probably matters less what sneaky tactics led to the disappointing showing of the camp in 2019. And it also probably matters less that the location of the camp be kept secret and that the various restrictive rules about the camp, like a prohibition of video recording, be honored. Of course those rules weren't always strictly followed in any event. For example, in 2018 two separate people made videos of a student concert performance by John Miller, Tristan Scroggins, Peter Langston, and Chuck Ervin playing a tune that Peter wrote called "Ricochet Ride." Here's one of those videos...


Looking for a summer music camp?

Keep these fine camps in mind. . .

California Bluegrass Association
Summer Music Camp

Sunday through Wednesday before the CBA
Father's Day Festival
in mid-June

CBA Music Camp logo Bluegrass & Old-Time Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, & Singing in Grass Valley, California!
A kids' program called "Fungrass" runs in parallel with the adults' program.

American Banjo Camp

Thursday through Sunday
after Labor Day
in early September
ABC logo ABC – 5-String Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, & Bass classes, concerts, & jams in the Pacific Northwest!
Designed for adults of all ages.

More to come!

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